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Corporate&Employee Business English Training (ERay)

Corporate&Employee Business English Training
Beijing ERay English
A professional Corporate English Training Solutions Provider.

Our Website:
Hotline: 86-10-59458391

Beijing ERay Corporate English Training Center.We offer specialised English Language courses to meet individual company requirements.The aim of our courses is to increase participants ’ English proficiency and communication skills within specific concentration on Business English / Customer Service English / Sector Specific English which they can put directly into use in the corporate work environment.We have been working in the corporate sector for over 5 years and have an excellent reputation.

We are specialized in:

1 General English Training:

2 Business English Training:
Market Leader

3 Industry English Training:
IT English,Banking English,Foreign Trade English,Callcenter English,English for Nursing ,Hotel English.

4 English Workshop:
Business Writing,Effective Presentation,Cross-cultural Business Communication,Teleconferences,Negotiations,Meetings

5 VIP English Training:
General/Business English,Exam preparation training-IELTS, TKT etc

6 English Salon:

7 Tailored courses:

As a guide we initially provide sample syllabus for General English, Customer Service English or Business English. Then through the means of needs analysis forms and level testing, we design courses to meet your specific needs.

ERay Education-English Made Easy
For more information, please contact us
Our Website:
Hotline: 86-10-59458391
Beijing Century ERay Education & Technology Co., Ltd

 企业英语培训 选择北京世纪英瑞
英瑞英语 ERay English
Beijing ERay Corporate English Training Center.
A professional Corporate English Solutions Provider.





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